Kisumu Girls student’s death now blamed on principal – Weekly Citizen


Kisumu Girls High school principal Margret Michumo

Fresh details are emerging that a 13-year-old Kisumu Girls’ High School student Anastancia Chepkemoi died in pain in the school’s dormitory despite her colleagues bringing her case to the attention to the deputy principal, a Mrs Ongola who told them that the principal Margaret Nechumo had said she was to be taken to the hospital the following day in the morning.
Now, there are calls on the head of Criminal Directorate Department George Kinoti and the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to investigate the incident which they attribute to negligence on the part of the school.
There are also accusations on Kisumu county director of education and Teachers Service Commission of misleading the country in regard to what actually took place.
The school management led by the principal and her deputy told police that the girl had been on drugs before she came to the school but had forgotten them at home and that the school had continued giving her drugs as prescribed.
However, family members of student have denied the version of the school management saying they do not want to jeopardise the investigations by the investigating agencies and demanded for speedier investigations into the matter.
Investigations within the school reveals that the school is strict since the entry of the current principal who took over from Akunja Mary who transferred to Bunyore Girls’ High School.
The principal, it is said, does not allow parents, teachers, subordinates, members of the surrounding community and even students to see her referring them to Mrs Ongola who has limited powers and appears to be her flower girl.
“It is really tricky for a parent to travel all the way from Nairobi and on reaching the school, the principal cannot have audience instead referring parents to her deputy. It really pains,” said a parent.
The once vibrant school is said to be going to the dogs as both the area education and TSC offices have opted to turn a blind eye on the ongoings in the school.
A section of board members who have fallen out of favour with the principal are now calling upon the ministry of Education to investigate the tendering at the school as her husband is said to be doing nearly all repair and construction work within the school as supply of cereals and groceries are down with her relatives all the way from Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia counties.
Some teachers are saying that the school might go on a strike if the situation is not handled by the concerned authorities thoroughly.
They claimed the principal who demands that she must be addressed by her right title of chief principal sometimes back adamantly rejected a deputy principal who was posted to her school by the TSC saying the commission must do things her way.
She is notorious for always continuously ignoring summons by the area education officers saying “handout takers from her” can not summon her.
So far, the ministry of Education has sought investigations into the incident with Kisumu county police boss saying special investigators are on the assignment


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