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Kisumu City Residents Voice chairman Audi Ogada has for over 20 years wreaked havoc among leaders ranging from school heads, politicians, businessmen, the media and members of the police force.
The self-proclaimed civil rights activist has written thousands of letters to various personalities across the country ostensibly to secure gains ranging from financing to appointments of his close relatives who various organisations.
Ogada was a clerk at the defunct Kisumu municipal council but was sacked by the then clerk John Ongele for engaging in politics while still working at the civic body.
Ogada was allegedly stabbed by a Ford K youth at Agip House in 1994 where his photos were splashed in the media leading to his summary dismissal.

Audi Ogada

Ogada who was then an aide of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga had been spotted in the office of James Orengo on the other wing of Agip House and pounced on with knives and other crude weapons leaving him seriously injured.
Ongele later summoned him before dismissing him for misconduct.
Ogada was also at one time a close aide of Raila Odinga that time the Langata MP before they fell out.
Ogada later sided with Orengo during turf wars pitting Orengo and Raila in quest of Ford-K leadership following the death of Jaramogi and Masinde Muliro.
During the Ford-K polls in 1994 Ogada was among goons who were dispatched to go and disrupt a elections of Ford-K pitting Kijana Wamalwa and Raila at Thika.
Ogada suffered serious wounds in the process.
He was later to work with the late Kisumu mayor Lawrence Oile who had declared the town a no-go zone for Raila. They fell out leading to his arrest and subsequent arraignment in court.
Ogada is accused of systematically using blackmail to buy two vehicles and continues to harass senior government officials using his position as a civil society activist.
The latest target has been the Nyanza regional police commander Vincent Makokha.
Sources say Ogada was trying to hit back at police after his son was arrested for engaging in criminal activities.
It has also emerged documentations of his organisations are suspect.
In his petition, he wanted Makhoha to take action against the officers. Ogada claimed two “untouchable” fraudsters were released from a police station in unclear circumstances.
Ogada further stated, civilians were later released and Sh11 million was deposited in the accounts of two prominent lawyers. But sources say land fraudsters and their accomplices are under investigations as per now.
Ogada also cited an incident where notorious criminals carjacked a trailer from Uganda and deposited fuel at Desnol Petrol Station along Kiboswa road on the Kisumu-Kakamega road.
The fuel, Ogada claimed, was redrained in the presence of police officers before the trailer was released to the owner, a Uganda-based businessman.
“It is questionable that only one suspect who led the officers to the petrol station was arrested,” Ogada said.
Ogada claimed one of the suspects who did not have money at the time of the arrest was taken to Carwash police post and forced to pay Sh6,000 before being released without bond.
“Police retained the goods and the original receipts were taken by police from the owner,” he said. Ogada said the search was unlawful.
But according to Makokha, all suspects in Nyanza and beyond have been nabbed by police. The same standpoint has been taken by regional coordinator James Kianda who said the days of all criminals are now numbered.
Kianda said members of the public should volunteer information on all suspects in the region.
“In fact those who have been targeting Asians in the Milimani area have all been nabbed and taken to court,” he assured.

Kisumu county commissioner Pauline Dola

But Ogada, investigations have further revealed, has been receiving money from all routes at the main Kisumu bus terminus in order to protect both vehicle owners and touts against law enforcement officers.
Ogada who claims to fight for the rights of locals uses the same for personal gain. A resident Oruko Kitoto last week called on the DCI to institute a probe into his conduct.
“Ogada has received a lot of money from senior government officers and time is up for him to be probed,” claimed Oruko.
Kisumu county commissioner Pauline Dola has not been spared.
He has written petition after petition on Dola.
Ogada many years ago wrote a malicious letter to the management of a Standard Group employee namely Anderson Ojwang, leading to his sacking.
Ojwang was reinstated after investigations proved that the allegations were false and baseless


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