Kiraitu now feeling the heat – Weekly Citizen


Revelation of looting spree at the Meru county by Auditor General Edward Ouko’s report on the county government’s expenditure has landed Governor Kiraitu Murungi in big trouble.
Meru county senator Mithika Linturi and East African Legislative Assembly legislator Mpuru Aburi have taken Kiraitu head on giving him sleepless nights.


The governor is accused of colluding with corrupt officials through shoddy projects and payment of ghost workers to fleece the county millions of shillings.
According to the report, Meru county government spent a staggering Sh4.3 million on rearing earthworms and black flies, allegedly without having done a public participation or has a project debated and passed by the county assembly. Mpuri now claims that the earthworm’s project is Kiraitu witchcraft to help him reclaim power in 2022.
Claims of Kiraitu’s government involvement in public funds embezzlement have set the county on an early campaign mood despite having three years left to the 2022 general elections.
A section of Meru county ward representatives who attended a fundraiser in aid of Mutuati Catholic Church endorsed Senator Mithika Linturi to run for the county governorship position in 2022.

Senator Linturi

Linturi was recently invited in the Meru county assembly where he took issue with corrupt county government officials where he urged the governor to crack his whip on corrupt individuals in the county government if he is to restore his faith in people.
In readiness to 2022 elections, Mpuru has reportedly sought to register a new political party, NOPEU-National Ordinary Peoples’ Empowerment Union, which he has derived from a local Kimeru word ‘Nopeu’, meaning to disappear, that have been used by governor Murungi’s critics to refer to his diminishing charisma in the county politics.
Jubilee party Meru county secretary general, Alhaji Mwendia whom Kiraitu antagonists consider his puppet, have since threatened to have Mpuru expelled from the ruling party if he registers the political party.
Governor Kiraitu broke his silence over claims of misappropriation of county funds recently by only dismissing his political perpetrators as being in early 2022 campaigns.


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