Kilindini customs officials fleece importers – Weekly Citizen


Customs officials at Data Processing Centre, Kilindini in Mombasa are accused of frustrating importers and delaying clearance of goods.
“Documents lodged at the DPC are taking too long to be processed yet the exercise is simple and can take only a few hours. The unnecessary delay is meant to blackmail clients and importers to offer bribes through brokers who pass the loot to senior customs officers,” claimed a clearing agent.
The sabotage is causing importers to pay heavy storage and demurrage charges which are eventually passed on to consumers, making cost of living higher.
It is claimed a top manager at the DPC is most notorious and abets the alleged extortion syndicates. It is further reported that the extortion syndicates at DPC have spread their tentacles to the verification section both in Mombasa and at the Nairobi ICD.
“It unnecessarily takes long to verify consignments and release them. They use this delaying tactic to coerce importers to give bribes. Customs officials at Toyo Container Terminal work the way they want including reporting to work at their own time complicating matters,” the reports further claim.
A senior customs officer at Toyo reportedly uses brokers to solicit for bribes on his behalf from importers.
He brags of being untouchable and well connected at Times Tower. He was transferred for just two months before he fought his way back to the container terminal confirming that he is indeed untouchable.


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