Kenyan Politician Jeffer Isaak Arrested Ferrying Bhang worth Sh13 Million

Kenyan politician and businessman Jeffer Isaak Sori has been arrested with narcotics worth millions of shillings.

The former presidential aspirant was arrested in Marsabit County on Wednesday in possession of bhang worth Sh13 million.


Police said the suspect was nabbed ferrying the drugs at a roadblock near Marsabit town.

He was driving a Toyota Prado Landcruiser that was pulling a trolley carrying 445 kilograms of bhang valued at Sh13,350,000.

Police said the suspect declined to allow police officers ransack the trolley.

“…upon requesting him for search to be conducted he refused and this prompted officers to escort the said vehicle to Marsabit Police Station where thorough search was conducted and a total of 445 kgs of street value Ksh.13,350,000 of narcotics and psychotropic substance were recovered hidden in a trolley,” reads a police report on the matter.

Isaak, who has expressed interest in running for president in 2022, is set to be arraigned in court.