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They say what goes around always comes around. Jilted former National Irrigation Board General Manager Eng Daniel Barasa is involved in a dogfight of sorts with Kenya Railways Corporation acting Managing Director Philip Mainga in a love triangle featuring an outspoken former female MP.

At the centre of the cast is immediate former Thika Town MP Alice Ng’ang’a, Eng Barasa’s erstwhile soul mate, who appears to have found new love in the recently elevated KR boss. The Barasa-Ng’ang’a-Mainga triumvirate elicits memories of the former MP’s predictable modus operandi; clinging on to choice ‘men of substance’ when it matters most.

Former Thika MP Ngang’a


In retrospect, her long-running liaison with Eng Barasa is understood to have been premised on the engineer’s hold on the lucrative state corporation. Stories are told of how the former MP walked into Barasa’s office on Lenana Road to canvass for some tenders.

A go-getter by all standards, Mheshmiwa would easily charm her way in the (then) GM’s heart. Always a man full of taste for ‘finer things’ (read women), Barasa instantly hooked up with the vocal politician, both hitting the road to later live under one roof in Ng’ang’a’s newly acquired home along Thika Road.

Not surprisingly, it was Engineer Barasa who bought the ultra-modern house for the former lawmaker.

With the big-budget parastatal then undertaking multi-billion shilling irrigation programmes headlined by the Galana Kulalu food security project, Ng’ang’a turned into an instant sensation, putting up million-shilling apartments here and there, notably in the upscale Hurlingham neighbourhood.

With their romantic relationship no longer a secret, the duo grew to become a subject of whispers in the corridors of power. In the fullness of time, Ng’ang’a got pregnant for the big man, cementing her position even further.

Eng. Barasa

With skeptics adopting a wait-and-see approach, little did the good engineer know what lay in wait for him.  The goings on at Unyunyuzi House, the NIB headquarters, would eventually culminate into Barasa’s fall from grace.

Yes, the time of reckoning was nigh. With the lost GM perch, gone was the allure of lucrative tenders, high-end lifestyle and other juicy favours. Steadily growing cold over time, Ng’ang’a seems to have had enough of “this man” Barasa,

Poor boy, a miffed Barasa was ultimately thrown out of Ng’ang’a’s home (and heart)! Having snubbed his first family, it was not easy for Eng Barasa to collect shattered pieces.

Upon her surprise loss to little known Patrick Wainaina in the August 2017 polls, the former MP retreated to unfamiliar silence, only canvassing for an appointment to a senior position in government in vain.

Still, the go-getter in her could hardly disappoint. Alert to trending opportunities, the quintessential ‘goal-poacher’ seems to have hit it right again, what with the booming Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) projects.

Exit Eng Barasa, enter Mainga, the new Kenya Railways boss. It is here that the plot thickens, ushering in greener pastures coated with all-important business opportunities. The former MP’s dalliance with Mainga has jolted a jilted Barasa to action.

Not to lie low anymore, Barasa is bel to be sharpening his arsenal in readiness for the battle of a lifetime. A source close to him says the civil engineer has been burning with rage as he plots to get back “what rightfully belongs to him”.


Though non-committal, sources say the erstwhile moneybags could be angling for his investments in the former MP at all cost, including repossessing some of the property he funded. It remains to be seen how things pan out, against a backdrop of the engineer’s reported determination to bring back the former MP to his heart.

Prayerfully, it is hoped Ng’ang’as fall from grace in 2017 elections would do well to humble her, much to Barasa’s advantage.







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