Kane invites dancing Spurs fan to be mascot in season finale


 A Tottenham Hotspur supporter who was abused online for dancing in their new stadium after last Saturday’s Premier League defeat has been invited by skipper Harry Kane to be a mascot in their final match of the season.

Neil Markham posted a video of his 16-year-old daughter Ella, who has Down’s Syndrome, dancing inside the stadium after the 1-0 defeat by West Ham United.

However, he was then subjected to a flood of online abuse from upset supporters with some of them mocking her condition.

“Ella was being called all sorts of names, (people were) laughing at her in terms of the way she was dancing and the way she looked,” Markham told the BBC.

“I was getting abuse in terms of having a child with Down’s Syndrome.”

The video caught the attention of striker Kane who told Ella to “keep dancing” and invited her to be a mascot in their home clash against Everton on May 12.

“I want to thank you for your amazing support. Your family are proud of you as well,” Kane said in a video message to Ella that has emerged online.

“We know you’re a big fan and we’d love for you to come down and be a mascot for the last game of the season. Keep dancing and keep doing what you’re doing, lots of love.” 


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