JUST BRENDA: My blind dates have been epic fails, help!

I have been on several blind dates set up by friends and even in times when I thought the date went well, the men never called me the next day.

When I asked one of them why one time, he just told me I did not look like the photo he had been shown. That did a number on my self-esteem but I bounced back and now I want to keep playing the field. Do you have any tips on how I can make things work during a blind date?

You didn’t look like the picture? Was it makeup, or a filter, or an old picture? First of all the reason that guy is giving you is quite flimsy, particularly if he himself doesn’t look like an Adonis.

In this dating world, the face of a person needs to be a minimum contributor to a decision one is making when looking for a partner – unless they are NOT looking for a partner, in which case they should be on Tinder, not looking for blind dates.

I would say, for one thing, send pictures that look as close to the representation of your actual face as possible, because yes, looks aren’t everything, but they are the first advertisement, I suppose, and you do want the person who you are with to like your face, a bit, at least.

I commend you for being willing to play the field again, and I wish you like in finding a truthful guy in this scary Nairobi.

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