Juma responds to reports he was paid to reconcile with Diamond


Abdul Juma [Photo: Courtesy]

Diamond Platnumz’s father Abdul Juma has denied reports doing rounds that he was paid to make amends with his son.

Speaking to Ijumaa Wikienda, Juma shrugged claims that he was paid by the singer’s managers prior to the April 23 meeting at Wasafi FM studios.

Juma, instead, clarified that he did not expect to reconcile with Diamond after years of animosity.

He reiterated that he is glad that their relationship was blossoming once more.

“Hakuna kitu kama hicho, kwanza mimi sikutegemea kama hilo lingefanyika, nimefurahi sana kuweka mambo sawa na mwanangu, nayaona mambo mema mbele yangu na kwa mwanagu,” said Juma.

Sources claim that Abdul Juma’s entry into music had reportedly offered a middle ground for the two to work together.

In the rare, special moment that was aired live, Diamond embraced his father for a short while. The reunion was first reported to be as a result of an intervention from members of WCB.

Abdul Juma is battling skin cancer.


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