Jacqueline Wolper consoles an imprisoned Wema Sepetu: Mungu ameshaona unaweza ndo maana unapitia hali hiyo!

Harmonize´s ex, Jacqueline Wolper comes out to console imprisoned Tanzanian actress, Wema Sepetu.

Today clocks Wema Sepetu´s 3rd day behind bars as she awaits new bail terms, come the 24th of June 2019.

Monday, the 17th of June, the former Miss Tanzania saw a court magistrate issue an arrest warrant against her, for defiling bail terms.

Unfortunately, like the fame that comes with celebrity status, masses are now well aware of the unanticipated jail term for the beauty.

With very little anyone can do, celebrities are now taking to social media to console the bongo socialite.

This is despite fact that she has no access to a cellphone while in jail.

Harmonize´s ex, Wolper is not left behind in sending a message of encouragement to the bongo actress.

Having both dated Wasafi artistes and being Tanzanian actresses, the two share similar grounds and can relate.


Up on social media, Jacqueline Wolper expresses:

May the Lord guide her through, the world has its own tests and we cannot deny it…

Sorry, Wema, we fully understand your situation, but it is a temporal situation. I pray that it becomes a temporal situation.

I believe that God will carry you through safely. Sorry to your family, friends, fans and everyone who depended on Wema.

All these things happen to all of us, yes today it could be a different person in the same situation and this is life.

Be strong Wema, God saw that you are capable to go through this and that’s why he is taking you through it.

I believe he will take you through safely.

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