Infidelity: Respected pastor caught up in nasty divorce


The pastor is openly demanding for divorce so he can marry a gorgeous lady deejay working at his radio station.

A nasty, marital row has erupted between one of Kampala’s most glamorous couples and we are all forced to listen as they trade their bickering in public. Maybe the allure of the quarrel is that the couple are top pastors who have spent the last so many years teaching the rest of us how to love faithfully and not allow anybody to put asunder what God has joined.

Now the godly couple are dominating the headlines as the he-pastor is openly demanding for divorce so he can marry a gorgeous lady deejay working at his radio station, but the she-pastor insists on forgiving her husband for infidelity because the Bible requires her to keep forgiving those who wrong her.

So she is not giving him the divorce and is begging him to return to their holy, matrimonial home so they continue ministering to their flock as a team. There are other accusations but we shall not mention them here because as our immediate former mayor of Kampala warned us, we should not bring our ‘private parts’ in public.

The former mayor whose command of the English language is rather lacking was being taken to task over a rumoured romantic liaison with a leggy town musician and he curtly discouraged the topic saying, “Those are our private parts!”

But ‘private parts’ aside, the glamorous religious couple are also feuding over the lucrative offertories and tithes that the faithful have been bringing to their church. The amounts involved are rather stupendous and would make even an average American preacher envious.

During a vigorous fundraising drive to build a new church a few years back, the couple apparently collected five million dollars from the flock.

American dollars, not Zimbabwean dollars! Worshipers were being encouraged to offer only US dollars, a more universal currency apparently preferred God to the weak Ugandan shilling. And the problems seem to have started there.

Of the about five million dollars raised, two million was spent on purchasing land for constructing God’s house at a prime location on a hill near the city. Now it emerges that the transfer forms only had the he-pastor’s name as the purchaser. That is the claim by the she-pastor, who says she tried to urge her husband to include the names of some other senior church committee members.

But the he-pastor says it was the reverse, with the wife insisting that the land be registered in her names and those of their grown daughter.

So he-pastor has been arguing this case before the congregation while she-pastor has taken her case to the national media.

The truth would only come out in court, but it seems neither is too keen on going legal as some uncomfortable questions like income tax might come up. So for now the city public is being bombarded with unverified accusations of lies, theft and infidelity by people who the flock look up for and exemplary lifestyle.


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