IG introduces minor changes to mounting of police road blocks – Nairobi News

The National Police Service has introduced minor measures on how roadblocks should be erected on highways.

In new directives issued on Wednesday by the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai, Regional commanders have been tasked with the role of be authorising the mounting of checkpoints and roadblocks on highways.

“The regional and formation commanders have been charged with the direct responsibility to ensure that there is smooth flow of traffic, quick response to scene of accidents, prompt investigations and acts of corruption are not entertained,” said the statement.


However, the regional commanders will carry the burden of their juniors who may be nabbed engaging in corrupt activities.

“Commanders will be held accountable for any misconduct by traffic officers which goes unpunished under their command,” read part of a statement by the service.

There was no mention on the recommended number of road blocks.

Mr Mutyambai had promised to cut the number of road blocks by half. In his new statement, he asked members of the public to obey traffic rules and avoid engaging in corrupt activities.

“Motorists and pedestrians are reminded that we can only improve road safety by making it a collective responsibility between road users and the police. This calls for both parties not only to desist from corrupt activities on the road but also to stand against such by reporting them to relevant authorities,” read the statement

He revealed that already the streamlining was on course along the Mombasa- Malaba highway.