I will not marry a broke man- singer Victoria Kimani


Victoria Kimani [Photo: Courtesy]

Songstress Victoria Kimani has revealed she can’t get married to a broke man.

In a TV interview, Victoria said, “I’m not dating anyone, there’s someone that I want to date but I don’t really think he wants to date me.

“I think I go for the wrong kind of guys. I think I go for bad boys and that’s not good. Swag, successful, he needs to look good, have a little bit of money.

“He can’t be broke or if you’re broke… No you can’t be broke, I’m sorry, I really am. I can’t,” she said. 

The songbird also doesn’t want a man without ambition.

“I don’t want someone who is lazy because I’m not lazy. I don’t want someone who lacks vision.

“I want someone with a business mind because my business mind is not that great, so there needs to be a balance. Money is the cause of all issues in relationships,” she said.


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