I was human enough to help my ‘brother’- Cheprot


Simon Cheprot was chasing his second title at the weekend’s Okpekpe 10km Road race in Nigeria, the IAAF Bronze Label Road Race.

But that did not happen after unbelievable happened at the finish line. As he approached the finish line, he saw his team mate Kenneth Kipkemoi, who was leading the race, fell. The helping hand for Cheprot to Kipkemoi was a reflection of the 2011 IAAF world championships when Sharon Cherop extended her helping hand to Edna Kiplagat, who went ahead to win gold for Kenya with Cherop scooping bronze.

The 2014 world half marathon runner, who finished a distance 20th used his humanly heart, conscience and love, stopped and went straight to give a helping hand to his friend.

“Running does not mean we are at war, we are friends. When you see your friend falling you come and help, running means healthy, unity and love,” said Cheprot in his home in Iten.

He said that he doesn’t run to earn of money, but creating unity all over the world

“As much as we are competing, we are human beings with feelings. We share a lot as athletes. When you leave this earth, you go with nothing and leaving a friend to die is not a good idea at all. God will ask you what did you do to help a friend, and there you lack an answer. I let the prize go but help a brother who was my opponent,” said the 2015 Corrida de Langeux 10km champion.

“I don’t run because of money, we are running for unity, health and love. We don’t run alone we run with people from across the world,” concluded Cheprot.

The athlete made his maiden 10km road race with the win at the Okpekpe race in 2016 as he plans to face off in 42km distance next year.

“I want to concentrate much in marathon after I was inspired by Wilson Kipsang (former world marathon record holder) and Eliud Kipchoge (the reigning world marathon record holder) God willing,” he said.

Cheprot who is married to Linet Totoritich Chebet finished second in the race and 6th in 2017 in the same race.

“I was doing this for my children. You never know what the future holds, someone else will help my children. Am not employed, I tried police but it was not succes.

With such helping hand, Cheprot was awarded by the Nigeria IAAF representative Mike Itemuagbor kshs 1 million for his humanitarian effort as well as race organsiers kshs 1 million for being “brother’s keeper”.


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