I refused his advances, Rose Muhando blames manager for problems


Rose Muhando (Photo: Courtesy)

A few weeks ago, gospel singer Rose Muhando made a comeback after spending months in hospital.

The singer who had in the past made negative headlines before her silent retreat has come out to explain everything to her fans.

Speaking during an interview with a local radio station, the energetic and enthusiastic Rose spoke on her journey to recovery and how her manager ruined her name after turning down his sexual advances.

“My downfall was caused by my manager who I fell out with because he wanted sex and I couldn’t give it to him. He embarked on a tarnishing spree and he destroyed my name,” the singer revealed.

Rose explained that she is naturally quiet and did not feel the need to respond after several rumours about her surfaced. She said that unless God asks her to speak against any issue, she ‘d keep mum.

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However, she said that it got to a point she had to travel from where she stayed to Dodoma to make it clear to her manager and even some pastors who were condemning her that they would not bring her down as they were not in control. “It’s only God who can tell me to go and I go, come and I come not you,” she said

When asked to confirm whether rumours of her aborting were true she responded,

 “I am not afraid of getting pregnant. First of all, I am a mother of three, adding the fourth child is not a problem. Those saying I aborted I wonder where you got that from. I have the ability to hide my pregnancy from the public eye and even given birth without anyone knowing. What I fear is sinning in the process of getting pregnant. Other than that I’m not afraid. What pissed me off the most was that even some of my fellow musicians went on social media to post that I had aborted. Where did that come from? ”

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Rose had also recently been seen on a video with controversial Kenyan pastor, Pastor Ng’anga in what seemed to be an exorcism exercise which she did not comment.

The singer also explained her relationship with Stephen Kasolo who she has been spotted with on numerous occasions stating they are only working towards God’s praise and not otherwise.

Rose Muhando with Stephen Kasolo (Photo: Courtesy)

“God has sent me to play my part as a mother and he as my son praising the name of the Lord for the benefiting of the Father Most High and not any other way,” she said.

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The two have released a song together called Msinifate Fate which Rose describes as God’s doing.


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