I did not sleep with my mother-in-law: Footballer


David Mwangi and Betty Akinyi [Photo: Courtesy]

The wife of footballer David Mwangi recently accused her mother of sleeping with the husband in a lodging, but all parties have since denied there was a taboo-laced triangle.   

Betty Akinyi posted on her Facebook page that she was planning to commit suicide and leave her husband and mother with the children after catching them red-handed romping in a lodging in Nairobi.

“How else will I tell the whole world that my husband David Mwangi has been having it with my own mother?” Betty wrote adding that “my father knew about it.That my younger sister Stacey ni mtotowabwanangu. My mother got pregnant for my husband. Ndio maana alipotea.”

Job Odhiambo Oyieyo, her father, mysteriously disappeared 19 years ago from their home in Naivasha where he was working.

David Mwangi, a defender who up to early April was playing for Sony Sugar FC, denied the allegations. “She is my wife. But what she said on social media is not true,” the former Mathare United and Tusker player told The Nairobian.

Betty and Mwangi have married for eight years and have two children.

Sony Sugar FC team manager Stock Ouma confrmed that Mwangi, whose contract should still be running, absconded duty leading to his automatic dismissal.

“David Mwangi left without any permission in early February.Then he showed up early April-two months later. By impression it means he terminated his running contract, so he’s no longer playing for us,” Stock told The Nairobian.

Betty’s mother, Millicent Atieno, told The Nairobian that “Betty is my daughter. She is my first born in a family of six. And we’ve lived together in Naivasha, until when she got married in 2011. I’ve heard of what she said about me and her husband. Nothing is true. Betty amechanganyikiwatu. I did not sleep with my son-in-law.”

[Photo: Courtesy]

Millicent is a former employee of cut flower producer, Sher Karuturi, which met financial headwinds, but she’s still stuck at the company premises in Naivasha doing casual jobs.

She recounts that her daughter’s problems started on March 24 after she travelled from Nairobi to Nakuru where the husband lives before checking on her family in Naivasha where she got a casual job at a hotel.

She was promised Sh1,000 but was paid Sh300 “So caused chaos in protest. Fishmongers around the premises ganged up and beat her until she went crazy. From that day, she has never been herself.She has posted all sorts of things on social media that I am sure she doesn’t know about,” recalled the mother. Our eff orts to reach Betty on phone were futile.

The Facebook posts have since been deleted but her profile picture was replaced with that of Kenya Harlequins rugby player Alex Olaba.

She also changed her Facebook name to Betty Olaba. She referred to Olaba as her ‘everything’. Olaba told The Nairobian that he was also shocked but assumed Betty is a rugby fan and he was her favourite player.

“I’ve seen the profile picture. I asked, and was told the lady is a rugby fan. I’ve never met her. I’m also told she has psychological issues so I reported the matter at Kitengela Police station on Monday,” said Olaba.

A close friend who has known the Mwangi and Betty since the days they holed up in a small cube on Nairobi’s Park Road says the 25-year old woman could be suff ering from insecurity and depression.

“Betty was my jirani. I’ve known her from way back when Mwangi was playing for Mathare United…alikua anakujakwangu we talk, Mwangi akimkosea I tell her what to do since am older than her. I loved her like a sister,” the friend who sought anonymity recalled adding that things changed when the couple moved to a one bedroom house in Nairobi’s Lucky Summer estate, where Betty lived until she went to visit her mother in Naivasha.

The friend recalled visiting her in Lucky Summer and “she told me how insecure she was when Davey is away from her (playing and living at Sony Sugar)” and the friend was shocked to find Betty puffing at something stronger than a cigarette.



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