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Former Makadara parliamentary aspirant Brian Weke (in orange shirt) and businessman Jim Akali (black checked T-shirt) accuse each other during a fundraiser at Father Tilen Mixed Secondary School in Mbita town. Weke defended himself against accusations that he is a Chinese. [James Omoro/Standard]

Former Makadara parliamentary aspirant Brian Weke has defended himself against accusations that he is a Chinese.

With his brown complexion, a mere look at Weke would make someone who does not know him fail to associate his origin to any particular tribe in the country unless he reveals.
Last weekend, drama unfolded during a funds drive at Father Tilen Mixed Secondary School in Suba North Constituency over allegations on Weke’s origin.
Businessman Jim Akali stirred the drama by referring to Weke as a Chinese.
Akali’s comments grabbed attention of a crowd comprising over 700 people.
The drama started when Weke who was the chief guest gave Akali a chance to address the gathering.
But Akali indirectly attacked him of not being a resident of the area.
He made said jokingly that he traveled to other countries and later on passed by China, which he referred to as ancestral home of the politician.
“I want to tell Weke that I have been abroad but on my return journey, I called at his ancestral home in China to greet his people,” Akali said.
Akali argued that Weke was closer to Chinese hence he should not be very active on affairs in Suba North Constituency.
“I want to urge area MP Millie Odhiambo not to rely on Weke as his messenger who delivers messages to residents of this constituency because he is not worth it,” added Akali.
But Weke was not pleased with the comments. When he resumed his speeches, he said he belongs to the Abasuba community which is dominant in Suba North Constituency.
“My mother and father trace their origins from the Abasuba community and in this constituency. It is wrong for someone to call me a Chinese,” Weke said.
He said there was no constituency he could be identified with in Kenya other than Suba North.
“My complexion is a sign of handsomeness but it should not be used by anybody to detach me from Suba North Constituency,” Weke added.
Instead he referred to Akali as a resident of Nyakach Constituency in Kisumu County.
But Akali argued that his being associated with Nyakach is less harmful than Weke who is being associated with Chinese.
“Nyakach is just our neighbour here in Homa Bay County. China is very far away from Kenya and anybody associated with it should ask himself many questions,” Akali added.
Enmity between the two politicians is suspected have been caused by their relations Millie Odhiambo.
Weke is a close ally of Millie. But Akali is Millie’s critic over rivalry which occurred during the last General election in which they contested the Suba North parliamentary seat.

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