How your shoe can replace common household items

Did you know sneakers aren’t just an accessory that you wear on your feet, for the most part it can be reused and re purposed?

A good place to start is your house.

Say you have a pair of sneakers you don’t really use anymore where do you take them? You could give them out for donation, or hand them over to your friends. But what if you could purposefully reuse that sneaker in your house?

Say you have a flower pot, it looks decent but it doesn’t really capture the essence of your home. Try something a bit different.

Why not use you shoe as a pot for that flower/plant? Now I know it sounds crazy but remember, I’m not telling you to take your favorite shoe in the world and throw soil in it, but I am telling you it’s an option to think about.

You get to have something different in your house by adding something non traditional in your crib in terms of decor. Keep in mind you don’t have to put the soil directly in your shoe. You can just use the shoe to mask the flower pot.

Something else you can try. Use your sneaker as a decorative piece like a painting.

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