How woman secured sh 1,000 credit using billionaire’s account – Weekly Citizen


Businessman Peter Nduati was drinking with her lover in December last year when he was tricked into giving her his mobile phone and personal identification number which she used to borrow Sh1,000 credit from a money lending company.
The woman, without the knowledge of the tycoon, transferred the Sh1,000 into her account, which she used to buy credit.
Nduati was irked after he was listed with the Credit Reference Bureau for defaulting on a Sh1,000 loan he claimed he never took.
The founder of Resolution Group and the CEO of Centric Air, an airline ambulance company, expressed his frustration in a series of tweets after he was listed on CRB for the loan he claimed he never took.
Nduati said he discovered he was listed on CRB when his company Centric Air was finalising a facility they had applied for with I&M bank. The bank was unable to give him the loan because CRB listed him.
According to Nduati, the bank could not disclose who had listed him and referred him to CRB.
CRB informed him that the mobile lender had listed him because he defaulted on a loan of Sh1,000 in December 2018.
The tycoon has threatened to sue the money lender. It will be interesting to see how the case will go given the new revelations.


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