How to keep your hair naturally healthy and strong

Have a bad hair day and that is all people will remember.

Our hair is one of the factors that’s attributes to our general physical appearance.

Because of this you should be doing your part in taking care of it. You know the basics, shampoo, conditioner and all that but there are other factors that contribute to your hair’s health degradation that you probably didn’t know. Some you unknowingly do to yourself.

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1. Pat dry your hair

When you get out of the shower after washing your hair. You want to avoid aggressively drying your hair with a towel which has poor texture. This leads to split ends and in the worst case damages your scalp. A good alternative is to pat dry your hair with a t-shirt which has a softer texture than a regular towel.

2. Sun damage

Just like your skin your hair needs protection from the sun. Over exposure to the sun can leave your hair dry and brittle. Once the damage is done, your hair cells die and they can’t be regenerated. The only solution is to cut it. A good way to protect your hair is applying coconut oil. This acts as a layer of protection from the suns rays. It also protects your hair from chlorine in the pool and ocean salt which also dry your hair out.

3. Avoid excessive heat and hair products

Excessive heat damages your hair so try to avoid blow drying your hair constantly, setting the blow dryer at extreme levels of heat or showering with steamy hot water. You also want to avoid putting to much hair product on regularly. Give your hair time to breathe and produce it’s natural oils.

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