How to help the environment by buying quality clothes

Environmental degradation is the main problem our generation faces today.

We should all be doing our part to make sure that we are helping to make a difference. But if your not so sure where to start a good place is your closet.

You probably have more shoes and clothes than you generally need. Be honest with yourself you definitely have at least five t-shirts you’ve haven’t worn in a year.

Now that t-shirt can be donated to someone less fortunate than you. But that’s just the beginning, you can go a step further by using sustainable methods such as project 333.



If you’re unfamiliar with this project, I’ll explain. Basically you keep 33 pieces of clothing, this includes your shoes, clothes and accessories. Wear them all for 3 months. This is based on a minimalists approach and it actually benefits you. You get to save your money by buying less, invest in quality pieces of clothing, define your style, declutters your closet and helps the environment.

To start you can withdraw all the clothes in your closet, divide them into three piles. Clothes to keep, to donate, and the intermediate pile. If you are not so sure which clothes to keep and discard, sort the intermediate pile ask yourself if you’ve ever worn that piece of clothing in a year and be honest. If yes give them away to your friends. If the answer is no, separate them to your donation pile. Finally your left with 33 pieces of clothing which you would wear for that season.

In the next season when you purchase more clothing, purchase clothing which is high in quality. Discouraging you from buying in bulk. Doing this helps you define your style a bit more since you are given the chance to wear your favorite pieces.

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If your a sneaker type of person you can take a similar approach. The sneaker industry produces 15 billion shoes a year. Take into account the amount of raw materials form plastics rubber, glue and animals skins (materials which are hurtful to the environment) used to produce all those shoes. Not to mention the fossils used to transport the sneakers to and fro. Majority end up in the trash pile and 5 billion pairs of shoes is a lot of trash.

Trash accumulates only if we make it to, so you need to make various steps to ensure you are doing your part. Buy less shoes and the ones you have taken care of. You can buy eco-friendly shoe care products helping extend the life span of your shoes. Pedag international is a company which have a selection of these types of products.

You could also invest in eco- friendly shoes. Companies such as Allbirds, Toms shoe and even Adidas have taken strides to make shoes out of recycled material. This in the long run helps the environment and us solve a global issue one small change at a time.

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