Hot TP teachers wreak havoc as Okonkwo threatens to ban them


Okonkwo has threatened to ban Teaching Practice (TP) teachers from Meta Meta. This term, the budding stunningly beautiful teachers have literally flooded the staffroom, leading to some tension. Schola and other older female members of staff are no longer at ease.

Aeneas and Franco- senior members of ‘team mafisi’ – no longer pay attention to their older colleagues. Last week, in a clear attack on the two, Magarita reprimanded men who flirt with girls fit to be their daughters. “Shindwe kabisa!” the CU patron shouted.

There is a silent competition for the young teacher’s attention between Franco and Aeneas. The competition has greatly benefited other teachers. During tea break, we are spoilt for choice between KDF’s and Chapos.

The two have been flexing their financial muscles, trying to outdo each other in buying the snacks. Aeneas, otherwise known as ‘mkono birika’ has not spared his wallet. Last Tuesday, Franco encountered Okonkwo’s fury after he had taken some of the TP teachers out for lunch.

They ended up missing some classes. In his defines, Franco said it was his professional duty as a senior teacher to show them around. He called it orientation!

Annette, the dean of studies, who last year was rumoured to have had an affair with Franco is said to have incited Okonkwo to write a warning letter to Franco. In retaliation, Franco the following day bought all the teaching practice teachers – including the men – pizzas, chicken, chips and sodas for their lunch.

The lunch was delivered by a motorcycle rider. “Some people must be blessed with very strong teeth to chew this maize that Jezebel serves in the name of Githeri,” Franco commented as he bit into a chicken wing. Schola who knows everything that happens in and around Meta Meta claims that Aeneas has applied for an emergency loan.

The lady teachers have sent delegations to both Okonkwo and Wa Makeri, complaining about the manner of dressing of the female TP teachers.

Last week, they were summoned to Okonkwo’s office over their dress code. “Kwani mwalimu unataka tuvae kama nuns (Do you want us to dress lime nuns)?” asked one innocently. “You can wear sacks for all I care, your manner of dressing is affecting our students’ performance,” shouted Okonkwo. The TP teachers believe that the older female teachers are being jealous.

The incident that made Okonkwo threaten to ban TP teachers, This especially after an incidence with Jemoh a form three student and Zippy. Zippy is a hot teacher on teaching practice. The two had been exchanging text messages. Jemoh had sneaked a phone to school which he was using to write the texts to her.

Donatta caught him writing a text under his desk as she was teaching. He was so engrossed in the text that he never saw madam Donatta approach and grab the phone. She took it to Okonkwo’s office. Apparently, Jemoh had been sending text messages even during lesson. In one of the text messages, he had threatened to commit suicide if Zippy rejected his advances.

Zippy, in tears, claimed she didn’t know how Jemoh got her phone number. “Hii chuo vijana wengi uwa wananikatia (Many boys are after me in this school),” she said. “I have been counselling them,” she added.

“What counselling when all I can see are ‘flirting emojis’ that you send to Jemoh?” asked Wa Makeri.

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