Hopekid part 2! Mr Seed allegedly in trouble for cheating on his beautiful wife with a fan 

Gospel music industry is yet again facing another scandal that is sex related.

According to Mpasho, singer Mr Seed cheated on his wife Nimo with a fan and they have been trying to hide it. Seed and Nimo, who have just been blessed with their first child, don’t live together.

Mr Seed stays in Roysambu while Nimo stays with her parents.

Gospel singer Ndume has been caught pants down trying to cover up Mr Seed’s action and in a phone conversation that has leaked.


In the conversation, the lady claims that Mr Seed has been bragging that he killed her nunu.

Ndume told the female fan, “Mr seed is a brand and you know he has a wife and a kid. So if this escalates to that level [it won’t be a good thing] and it is not like you did not know.”  

“Yes, I went to his house but I did not think it would get to that point.” said the female fan. 

“Eventually, it happened and that is not the problem, the problem is if it happens again it is not my business. Don’t tell anyone because they are not there. At the end of the day if I decide to hook up with you it should be between you and me. The problem is you went and told other people. Now I hear the story has gone so far as to get to akina Weezdom.” added Ndume. 

Ndume ends up begging the lady not to share the story with anyone else because it will affect him too.

“If anything happens to Seed, it happens to me, I also have to be selfish about my brand, as much as it is small, that is where I make my money from.[if anyone asks] just tell them it is none of your business. With time people forget.”

When reached for a comment, Seed denied knowing the fan.

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