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Come one, come all to mark World Cucumber Day. Yes you read that right… world cucumber day is a thing and you need to get into it.


Hendricks holds cucumbers to a very high standard, infusing it into their gin, creating a day for it, making it the star of their ads and center of their brand. They do not take the cucumber for granted.

World Cucumber Day was just another excuse for us to celebrate Gin O’clock. As my bestie said, everyday is a gin day…but watching new gin drinkers and the seasoned vets travel through five different locations with cucumbers in their hands was such a spectacle. Starting at the exquisite Hemingways with a cucumber as our bargaining chip. The aim of the cucumber experience was to use it as a token for a free Hendricks G&T. For dramatic effect read FREE HENDRICKS G&T twice. A group of influencers who didn’t really know each other sat on a bus and hustled their way to the first location (Instagram ready talking to strangers and not each other was a reflection of the times we’re in). A man named Hendricks served us Hendricks gin, what are the odds of that? With a glass of gin close to the size of my head, we might have slightly underestimated the power of a cucumber.

Hendrick’s has created a botanical list, quit like a garden of fresh produce, gorgeous floral accents and exciting fruit. This includes juniper, cucumber and Bulgarian rose petals. Hendrick a rather sweet gin, has a smooth journey from the minute it touches the tongue and as it makes it way down your throat your filled with a refreshing wakening of flavor. A cucumber as a garnish simply highlights the flavour profile, elevating the G&T to a new level of sophistication.

Next stop was the sublime Karen Country Club for another cucumber exchange, the bar tender checked the cucumber even putting it up against his ear (for what… we are still yet to know but the gin was flowing). Then it was time for Que Pasa. The social media influencers started applying the social aspect to their profession. Everyone was chatting with each other, opening up about the benefits and detriments of their jobs. Some conversations even went as far as understanding misjudgments of public figures and each other. Gin is no joke, especially when it’s so smooth and sweet.

Hendricks isn’t just a drink, its an experience. Just as you would get lost in a magical film, Hendricks transcends your imagination from the moment you lay eyes on their bottling. A kookie black potion shaped bottle is filled with the magical gin, basically all that’s missing is the apothecary table. You can almost hear the circus music playing as you sip and chat with friends, or it might have just been the circus themed music playing on the bus for ambiance.

The company started in 1999, making it one of the youngest in the game. Hendricks is here to elevate, entertain and enhance your pallets, all while staying true to their cucumbers. If were looking for health, then gin actually can play a part in that. Juniper is a brilliant antioxidant, cucumber is majority water, oranges prevent scurvy and the list goes on and on. Gin goes with everything, #ginstagram heavy weights say “if it’s not gin, it’s a sin.” Is it a cult? maybe, but over 334 thousand people are seeing life with their glass full of gin.

By the time we reached brand new chic Hunters Bar in the Alchemist, we were all seasoned with the process. New tag alongs joined the party, people were calling their friends to come join and the conversations flowed equally as much as the gin. Finally the dazzling Tapas restaurant. A cucumber a bar keeps the gin flowing. Seeing as we’re elevating everything in 2019. I do mean every single thing, including your basic G&T, becoming part of the Hendricks parade was definitely has a major part in that.

New social media followers, new perspectives of your favorite media personalities and the epitome of networking was something we all left with(and our own bottles of gin for good measure).

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