Graft lands director of communication in hot soup – Weekly Citizen


An underground movement has been hatched secretly to eject the director of communication at Busia county government governor’s office Winston Mbanda so that his position can be taken over by another officer working in the same government.
Investigations done by Weekly Citizen established that Mbanda is supposed to be redeployed in another department if plans in the offing set to topple him from his position will eventually succeed.
It is claimed that the war has been waged against the director following allegations that he is incompetent and unable to handle issues pertaining to the media fraternity especially when it comes to providing coverage to Busia governor Sospeter Ojaamong as compared to his colleagues in other counties who are very organized.
“There is total confusion in communication department because even the director does not know the governor’s daily programme whenever he is in the office, or even when he is supposed to have a function,” said a close source.
The governor’s communication department has failed to achieve its main obligations of focusing on issues of the county government because journalists in the sector seem to be competing with their colleagues from other media houses, electronic and print.
Reporters in the department prefer providing coverage to Governor Sospeter Ojaamong and his deputy Moses Mulomi secretly alone without informing other journalists like what happens in other counties where everybody is officially invited to cover such functions.
Media matters at Busia governor’s communication department is done locally because those in charge are not aware that every journalist will always come up with his or her own intro of the story from same function rather than being forwarded PR stories to their emails in favour of the county government after appearing on social media.
Inner sources claim that Vincent Ngala who was employed as an enforcement officer in charge of Nambale subcounty is leading his troops to ensure that he will be crowned or installed as the new director of communication in order to revamp the department which has failed to deliver effectively.
It is alleged that even Ojaamong is aware about the whole saga and believes that the director is a mole of Paul Otuoma whose aim is to cause confusion in communication department.
To prove everything right or wrong, Ngala has now taken over the role of the director of communication officer by ensuring that he covers all functions of the governor regardless even in the his presence by taking photos and posting them to his own Whatsapp group and Facebook respectively.
“It is true that Ngala is now playing the role of the director and principal communication officer despite having been employed as an enforcement officer, in charge of Nambale sub county,” said an inner source on condition of anonymity fearing to reveal the name.
Weekly Citizen also established that the director is being accused of embarking on shoddy deals within the department acquiring tenders to benefit himself like purchasing of single lense reflex cameras at cheap price but ended up inflating the cost.


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