Government clarifies on ‘ARVs shortage’ in the country

The Ministry of Health has said there are adequate supplies of ARV medicine stocks for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in public health facilities.

This follows speculations on social media that the government is facing a shortage of ARVs medicine, which would last for four months hence causing worry among HIV patients.

The rumours caught the attention of the government.

Health Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki through a statement on Friday said that there are 69,000 bottles of Nevirapine syrup available in all public facilities.

The CS added that more bottles of196, 000 Nevirapine syrup are expected to arrive in the country by July.

“The country has 38,000 bottles of Zidovudine syrup enough to last up to September with an additional batch of 80,000 bottles expected by next month,” the statement read in part.

She added that replenishment of stock is ongoing to ensure uninterrupted supply of ARVs for Prevention Mother to Child Transmission of HIV.