Gold digger alert: Four signs she is only with you for the money


The conclusion that women should stop accepting monetary favours from men they don’t intend to be with is laughable.

Over the last few weeks, Kenyan men have been crawling out of the woodwork with their own sob stories about how women have used them for their money. Following the shocking murder of University student Ivy, Kenyan women have been painted as cold, unfeeling leeches looking to benefit from unsuspecting men’s generosity.

The conclusion that women should stop accepting monetary favours from men they don’t intend to be with is laughable. If some dumb schmuck wants to blow his cash on me, I’ll sure as hell not object!

But anyway, since the menfolk have proved to be so damn unintuitive, I am here to give them some pointers on how to recognize a woman who only wants to use them.

She insists on the finer things in life.

Granted, everyone likes the good life. However, if a woman really likes you, she will be just as happy hanging out at modest establishments as with high-end establishments. The only thing that matters is spending quality time with you.

However, if she is only dating you for your money, she doesn’t really care about spending time with you. Pretending to like someone is a lot of work so the returns must be worth the effort.

Think of it this way; if I can afford to buy myself a beer, I can only go out with a guy I don’t particularly like if he can buy me champagne otherwise it is just not worth the trouble. If I really like a guy, I don’t really care about where we hang out just as long as I get to spend time with him.

She’s not affectionate.

Women can fake orgasms, interest, enthusiasm and a million other things if need be but is very difficult for a woman to fake affection. Women are very affectionate with men they truly like and want to be with. They will want to hold hands, kiss and show affection in all manners of ways.

Love has that effect on women. With men they are only using, on the other hand, they are cold as fish.

She could even be sleeping with you and saying all the right things and making all the right noises but if she seems cold and distant outside the bedroom, just know that she is just doing what she has to make sure the money keeps coming.

She takes her time to reply to you.

Women are quick to get back to men they are genuinely interested in. Whether it is a phone call or a text message, a woman will drop everything to talk to the object of her affection.

If she is only dating you for the perks, she won’t be excited to hear from you, unless of course the conversation is about money.

If you are asking her where she would like to go for a weekend getaway, rest assured a reply will be swift. However, if you are just reaching out to have a regular conversation, she will take hours to get back to you.

Your conversations are superficial.

Women only open up to men they feel an emotional connection with. If she truly likes you, your conversations will be deep and intense.

On the other hand, if she is only going out with you for your money, she doesn’t want an emotional attachment with you and as a result, all your conversation will be shallow and superficial.

She won’t open up to you about her hopes and dreams. She won’t tell you about her fears. You will only have small talk.


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