God, kill me if I leaked your scandal! Phone call between Weezdom and Mr Seed

Mr Seed

A leaked phone call between Mr Seed and Weezdom is making the rounds online.

The phone call is pertaining to a sex scandal involving gospel artiste Mr Seed and a female fan.

The female fan claims that Mr Seed lured her into his house under the pretext of helping her in her filmmaking career only for him to force her to engage in coitus.

The female fan told Mpasho.co.ke that Mr Seed then took to maligning her name and hence the reason she has come out with the story.

It now turns out that Mr Seed accused Weedom of orchestrating the expose, a fact that has angered him to no end.

Before the phone call leaked, Weezdom took to social media to call out Mr Seed and his wife.

“Today I am One of the Saddest People But I Chose to Relax Because the Anger of a Man does not Produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20). Sasa Leo nimekua napigiwa Simu na Wasee na Blogs ati Mr Seed na Mke wake Wanasema nalipwa niwaharibie Jina and that’s why I CHOSE TO COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH juu Enyewe huyu Msee amezoea ku Trend na watu aki tafta sympathy but Mimi I feel that I’m still a growing Artist for Someone to Tarnish my Name at this Level it’s Unacceptable. so Let me Share with you the Real Truth.”

“So there’s this story that has been going around that Mr Seed allegedly Raped/Slept with a Certain lady unwillingly and as a Brother, I approached Him Chini ya Maji kumchanua for him to get away to sort it before ifikie media. Mr Seed accepted the Mess (Lucky I recorded the voice call) Unfortunately he did not Bother to look for the Lady.”

‘Whatever man!’ Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo Gachuiri responds to cheating rumours

Addressing Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo, Weezdom said, “You’ve been Coached unasema nimelipwa niwaharibie Jina (the First voice Call attached is going round in WhatsApp groups & blogs) That is Mr Seeds Friend NDUME who was in the house the day this lady visited.

Listen to the call attached ndio ujue ukiwa kwa wazazi wako ukilea mtoto nini uendelea kwa nyumba yako.

So surely vile mnapigia blogs mnamaanisha nimimi Nilileta huyo dem kwa nyumba na nika force what happened in your absence???? So implicating me in this is SO WRONG sortini issues zenyu tafadhali staki hii ku trend mumezoea, aki mimi nataka kuimbia tuu Mungu kwa sasa 🙏”

Leaked conversation of Mr Seed’s best friend, Ndume, telling star’s fan to cover up affair

In a different phone call between an angry Mr Seed and Weezdom, the two can be heard arguing over who leaked the story to Mpasho.co.ke.

Weezdom says, “I sent you chats cursing out that chic because of you and i called you to tell you this lady is going to expose you. and you are here saying I’m the one who leaked it. If I hate you bro, I would have leaked it the first day that chic called me. God cut off my head I die if I talked to any blogger.”

Keep it here for the leaked phone call between Mr Seed and Weezdom in our possession.

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