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Mysterious deaths in the family of former Cabinet Minister the late Kipkalya Knoes has left many debating whether ghosts had pitched camp at the home of former roads minister.

It’s imperative to note, during the burial of the late Cabinet Minister son Collins Kones, a former personal assistant of the late Kipkalia Kones and a friend of the family Kipruto Ngeno was deeply saddened by the turn of events during the funeral of his late son.

The late Kones son

He lamented that the ceremony was turned into a full pledged political rally as opposed to believe that it should have been conducted in a manner befitting his status as the son of one of the best leaders from the region.

Ngeno noted  that politics took center stage at the burial, a situation which the Kipsigis professionals had previously condemned.

In a recent comprehensive review of the issues affecting the Community, the professionals observed that funerals have lost their original meaning.

The professionals noted that burials were supposed to be solemn occasions for reflecting on the life of the deceased by the family, close relatives and friends.

They noted that politicians from the area after noting that they had turned colorless and could not attract huge crowd had turned to funerals for ready crowds.

Going by the activities at the Kipkalia’s home, his former PA Ngeno conquered with the professionals’ opinion saying the analysis was spot on.

‘Those who politicized the function should have convened their own meeting and community should shun these charades and depoliticize funerals’’ he observed.

In the meantime villagers, family and friends are still struggling to come to terms with the death of his daughter Vicky Chebet Kones who succumbed to alcoholism barely two months after her Collins Kipyegon Kalya, 39, passed away.

Prior to his death Kalyla had posted on his social media account that he would kill himself saying he was tired of life.

Late Kones Daughter

According to a closed family source, it emerged that he had already taken poison by the time he went on social media to make the announcement as a group of alarmed people including friends and family who immediately rushed to his house found him unconsciously lying on the floor.

He was rushed to the Naukuru war Memorial Hospital where he later died at the hands of doctors who has booked him at the Intensive Care Unit.

However for the case of her sister, multiple sources said she had checked into several rehabilitation centers and was even planning of becoming a counselor to help other people struggling with alcoholism.

Their mother, Bomet East MP have reportedly been left wondering what could have befell the family going by the mysterious deaths of her children noting they lacked nothing to stop them from enjoying a good life





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