Get ‘poison’ out of your mind to attain your dreams



Get ‘poison’ out of your mind to attain your dreams

Embrace the experience that life gives you.
Embrace the experience that life gives you. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

A story is told about a young woman who got married to a man she loved the most and was excited to start her new life. However, she was totally unhappy about her mother-in-law. She heard so many horror stories about the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship that she was pretty sure that she was going to have a tough time in her new home.

True to her fears, they both started to have arguments almost every day to the point that they stopped talking to each other. A few months later the daughter-in-law got so fed up that she approached an elderly gentleman who was selling herbs for all problems.

She told her story to him and requested for some poisonous herbs that could eliminate her mother-in-law and solve the problem once and for all. The old man went in and prepared some herbs and gave instructions of usage to the young lady.

He told her that this is a powerful medicine but would work slowly so that people don’t suspect foul play. Also, to avoid suspicion, he told her to prepare her mother-in-law’s favourite dishes every day and mix the herbs in it. The lady thanked the old man and went home. She followed the instructions religiously. Six months passed, and things began to change.

There were fewer arguments, in fact the ones they had were about things of concern each of them had for the other. The mother-in-law started treating the young lady more than her daughter and the young lady started seeing her dead mother in her mother-in-law. Now she started to regret her decision.

She went back to the old man from whom she got the herbs and begged him to give her herbs that could take away the poison that she was feeding her mother-in-law.

She cried about how much they both started understanding and appreciating each other and how she found her support system in her mother-in-law.

The old man told her that the herbs he gave were no poison. It was the poison in their minds that got cleared because of their actions and the affection they both showered on each other. As a reuslt, they both learnt to adjust and appreciate one another and lived happily.

1. Stop judging others, start looking within yourself: Every time there is a problem, it is easy to look around, judge people and fix the blame on others. Unfortunately, your problems will never cease unless you start looking within and fix what is within your reach.

2. Embrace the experience that life gives you: Look into your past to gain experience. Focus on the future to build hope. Look around to connect with reality, but most importantly look within to find your potential.

3. Clean the Clutter: A clean and clear mind is the starting point of a successful and happy life. Let go of mental garbage, free your mind to focus on what is the most relevant and most important for your own good.


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