Gang sodomises, cuts off victim’s manhood in Gatanga



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A gang of three sodomised and then cut off the private parts of a 45-year-old man at Kiunyu village in Gatanga Constituency, Murang’a County, on Friday.

The victim, a grocer, had been heading home in the evening with two other people when it started raining.

They stopped under tree to wait for a boda boda to take them home, but the operator who arrived could only take two people so he remained behind.

As he waited for another motorcycle, a Probox car arrived and from it emerged three people who forced him to get in.

The victim’s sister said he resisted and cried out for help so the three took off his clothes and committed the offences.

The sister said the criminals fled after the attack but that passers-by later found the man and took him home.

“Good Samaritans passing by Kiunyu shopping center at 3am who heard him growling and took him home. Both the victim and the good Samaritans [confirmed the types of injuries],” she said.

The man’s relatives believe he was sedated before the attack as he did not immediately realise the extent of the injuries he suffered.

They decried an increase in crimes and accused police of laxity.

The man was taken to Thika Level Five Hospital.


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