Gacheri gets wind of Charlie’s dark secret


Man about town

Gacheri gets wind of Charlie’s dark secret

Gacheri tried to convince me to stay longer with her and have a drink. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Gacheri called me yesterday and said, “thank you so much for coming to meet my boo, I really owe you one.”

She sounded genuinely happy and I could not dare tell her about my misgivings about Charlie. She told me, “I will be around your office tomorrow and I insist that we must have lunch.”

Somehow, I found myself saying yes because I consider lunches to be safe.

At the security check in I noticed this swanky Mercedes ahead of me. I was really envious of the owner and I kept thinking, “one day when I have money, I will get such a car.”

Imagine my shock when I saw Gacheri come out of the car looking very confident and happy. We hugged and then walked in together. To be honest, I found conversation with her a bit tiresome, because all she kept talking about were all the things she has done with her boo, which seemed to be a lot, from travelling to buying exotic stuff.

So, I was taken aback when she said, “I need the contacts of a good private investigator, can you help?” I pretended to be shocked and said, “why would you be spying on your fiancé? Don’t you trust him?” She laughed and said, “no man is trustworthy.” She then proceeded to give me the reasons for her request. It turned out she has been receiving strange messages on Facebook and on her phone saying that her fiancé has “other families, and many children across the city.”

She said, “someone else also told me that he is a conman involved in fleecing government and individuals.”

I was clapping inwardly because at least I did not have to tell her the bad news. I have, however, learnt that it is dangerous to get in between people who are dating or in love. So, I calmly told her, “I do not know a private investigator but if you call that pal of yours who works in forensic audit they should be able to help.” That seemed to appease her, and she proceeded to order some champagne and said, “I am a champagne girl these days.”

Gacheri tried to convince me to stay longer with her and have a drink but I was happy to excuse myself saying “I need to go back to work.” Before I could leave I, had to ask her,” what if all these allegations are true? What will you do?” She looked sad as she said,” I really don’t know, maybe call the engagement off.” And that is how our conversation ended in the office.

I was feeling really pleased about the outcome of the meeting as I drove to the office. I was five minutes to the office when my cell phone rang, it was the HR manager. She asked me, “where are you? The CEO has called an urgent meeting.” I told her,” I was out of the office, but I am almost there.” She said, “hurry up the meeting is in half an hour.” She sounded very agitated and I asked her, “what is happening, is everything okay?”

She said, “I cannot tell you everything, but the finance manager has been exited from the company.” This was quite a shocker and I blurted out, “why now?” The HR manager said,” I hear he was stealing from the company while the boss was away. So, the CEO will announce a major reorganisation.” I hang up and hit the pedal, no way was I missing the meeting.

The meeting was the shocker the HR manager had promised it would be. In a nutshell, the CEO said he was displeased about the ‘lack of integrity and the failure of staff to abide by controls and processes set by the company.”

There was going to be lots of changes, but the most dramatic was that I am now the acting finance manager.


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