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Disgraced former Geothermal Development Company CEO Silas Simiyu has allegedly resorted to conning and obtaining money through false pretenses from business people only four years after leaving the lucrative position.
Simiyu has gone underground and is probably on the run after conning a company a whopping Sh100 million on the pretext of securing it a tender at GDC.
Simiyu who styles himself as a fundraising consultant and geothermal energy expert convinced the owners of the company that he would secure them the multibillion tender project.
He claimed that he is still influential at GDC and could decide who gets what tender.
The owners delivered the money in Kenyan denomination to Simiyu’s hideout in Lavington, Nairobi, just a few days before 2018 Christmas festivities. Investigations revealed that the money was delivered to Simiyu in a pickup vehicle.
We also confirmed that Simiyu, who spent years living in a hotel in Upper Hill area, spent the money on a villa in the upmarket Lavington estate.
After receiving the money, Simiyu allegedly stopped taking phone calls from the company directors.
The directors were later shocked to learn that Simiyu was double crossing them and also taking money from a rival firm.
He was in 2015 arrested by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission sleuth and charged with corruption over the irregular procurement of Rig Move Service in the 2012/2013 financial year.
He was charged alongside the then company secretary Praxidis Siasi and all members of the company’s tender committee who included Abraham Saat, Nicholas Weke, Peter Omenda, Godwin Mwangae Mwawongo, Caleb Mbayi and Bruno Mugambi.
Simiyu was also accused of abuse of office and failing to ensure proper management of public funds.


Earlier this year, GDC carried groundbreaking ceremony for the first of the three power plants to be constructed by independent power producers at the Menengai Geothermal Project.
GDC has licensed 3 IPPS – Orpower 22 Limited, Sosian Menengai Geothermal Power Limited and Quantum East Africa Power Limited.
The former CEO has been bragging to anybody who cares to listen that he was behind the successful tendering of all the three companies. His reign at GDC is said to have been ridden with corruption and sex scandals.
Not only did he become a spannerboy for renowned wheelerdealer Jimi Wanjigi, but he alleged to have slept with several female employees in the company.
Wanjigi actually bought Simiyu a Toyota Land Cruiser VX worth over Sh15million to position himself strategically the corridors of power.
In return, Simiyu ensured that only the Chinese firms represented by Wanjigi scooped the multibillion contracts at GDC.
Top on the list of employees he went with in a rendezvous include one Lydia Odhiambo, Tecla Mutie, Marietta Mutonya and a Miss Sylvia. They were all promoted.


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