FKF , WPL club officials to continue league matches


After a majority of the women’s Premier League sides gave last weekend’s Football Kenya Federation matches a wide berth over Fifa grants, the clubs have now resolved to resume their league matches. 

The clubs had threatened to boycott the league matches until the federation address their shortcomings including lack of grants, poor communication and congested fixtures.

Out of seven matches earlier scheduled for last weekend,  only three matches were played. The move prompted  FKF to call for a meeting with team managers yesterday to solve the standoff.

FKF vice chairman,  Doris Petra, who chaired the meeting, said they had a fruitful discussion and agreed to work for the betterment of the game. 

She said: “On matters grants,  it’s not really our wish that we haven’t released the funds to the clubs. The truth is, we haven’t received the money from Fifa and we can’t give what we don’t have. We can’t also give them a time frame because we don’t  know when Fifa will  release the money.”

She added: “However,  we have all agreed that clubs work with what they have and once the money is available, we will give it to them.”

On matters fixtures, Petra said they resolved to tailor the match schedule to favour all teams and at the same time improve on communication.

A clubs official, who attended the meeting and sought anonymity, confirmed they had agreed to resume league matches starting this weekend. 

The official said: “The good thing is that we have met with the federation and aired out our grievances. We are now on the same page and we can only hope for the best.”


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