Fans backlash prompts a rethink of ticket pricing


The Egypt Football Association (EFA) says it will re-examine its prices for Africa Cup Nations tickets that it announced on Monday.

Supporters were angry at the high cost to watch the hosts play with the cheapest ticket costing approximately US$12.

There were jibes from actor Mahmoud El-Bezzawy and Liverpool striker Mo Salah about the prices too.

“Minister Dr Ashraf Sobhi has called Mr Hani Abo Rida and asked him to reduce the tickets price to allow the fans to attend the big event,” read a statement from the ministry of youth and sports.

Abo Rida, the EFA president, agreed that a rethink was imperative.

“We will think again about the tickets prices with the Local Organizing Committee will think again about the prices,” he admitted. “We are trying to bring the fans back to the stadiums again and that’s the main aim for us at this tournament.”

Fans had reacted angrily to the original price structure that saw the cheapest tickets being offered for US$6 to see a group game not involving hosts Egypt. The most expensive seat is currently priced at US$145.

High-profile actor El-Bezzawy’s tweet pointed out that to pay for himself, his son, as well as food and drink for them both the total, would be more than US$45 (almost a quarter of the average person’s monthly wage).

“And I’m required to go out and pray for the team!” he added.

Egypt striker Salah seemed to agree with El-Bezzawy’s view as he replied to the actor on social media. “Please don’t think about buying a VIP ticket (US$145) then because that means you definitely will not pray for the national team,” was his response.

On Monday the head of tournament’s tickets committee Amr El-Bortoqali announced the prices were fixed in consultation with the Confederation of African Football.

He added that they were aimed at attracting ‘fans from all over the continent.’

Each ticket will entitle the owner to attend both the matches being played on the same day in the same stadium.


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