Family loses Maasai Mara land to greedy tycoon – Weekly Citizen


A distraught family in Narok is crying for justice after their six-year battle to reclaim a piece of land they mischievously lost to an unnamed investor near the Maasai Mara Game Reserve hit the rocks.
Meitamei Ole Sapur’s family is now laying claim to a two and a half-acre piece of land alleged to have been grabbed in 2013 by the investor in Sekanai area near the internationally acclaimed game reserve.
According to Mzee Sapur’s two sons – Nick and Kerepei – trouble began when the investor acquired a total of over 20 acres of land from their neighbours, fencing it off in due course.
Before long, the new land owner reportedly appeared with police officers from a local station, forcibly tampering with the boundary to extend their fence and in the process, encroaching on the family land by more than two acres.
Sapur’s claim a facility owned by the investor would eat into part of their land, gobbling the 2.5-acres.
The land grab reportedly culminated into the establishment of 12 tented camps that rake in millions for the investor as the peasant family continues to wallow in penury.
To add insult to injury, the family says they have spent lots of scarce resources over the last six years desperately trying to get back what rightfully belongs to them in vain.
It is claimed the Ole Sapur family’s sustained petitions to authorities for intervention have yielded naught. One family member recounted to Weekly Citizen how the investor had unsuccessfully attempted to coerce them into selling the land in question through proxies, only to later revert to unorthodox means.
We have since gathered that a land surveyor hired by both parties has already given the investor a clean bill of health.


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