Europe’s biggest club competition may become a closed shop


Uefa is considering a proposal to change the Champions League in 2024 by creating eight-team groups kicking off in August, and narrow the entry path for teams from smaller domestic leagues to just four qualifying places.

Documents seen by Associated Press propose 24 of the 32 teams in the 2024-25 group stage would retain their lucrative places the next season regardless of where they finish in national domestic leagues. The proposal matches aims of the influential European Club Association, whose strategy is directed by several rich, storied clubs.

Uefa’s draft plan suggests four Champions League teams will be relegated to the next season’s second-tier Europa League. Four entry places would let Europa League semi-finalists be promoted.

Only four qualifying places would be left for national champions competing in preliminary rounds. It would leave the Eredivisie runners-up— who last season were Champions League semi-finalists Ajax— no route into the competition. Uefa presented its plan to European league officials Wednesday, and later said details were ‘only ideas and opinions’ in a year-long consultation.


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