DTB Sex Scandals Unmasked As Lillian Ngala Exposed Badly

On matters DTB, for one to get a nice promotion or to be safe you must be willing to have an extramarital affair mostly with a boss somewhere.

The so-called George is the king of fraud, he and another guy used to swindle clients and got favours from them in the name of getting them approved loans that is how he managed to open a bar I am not certain whether in Syokimau or Kitengela.

The so-called Lillian Ngala used to sleep with the company secretary that is how she landed the head of HR and is now frustrating staff. She has no HR etiquette and honestly, I think she is only there because she managed to lower her panties to the right person.

In head office or branches to get ahead, you must sleep with the boss in order to either get a position or keep it. One such case is village market, the branch manager Bernard Kerre is currently sleeping with his staff June Chabari and as such June is able to treat other staff as she pleases mind you both are married with children.

At DTB, you have to keep your eyes open, to identify opportunities for you to get noticed by the big boys so that even when you are not doing your job you can be safe when it comes to appraisals.

Mr Kerre purports to be a Christian but he is the biggest fraudster he actually signs instructions for clients and passes them off as legitimate even thou this is known no one dares say because of butt licking and fear of losing your job