Drama as son of top government officer ejects MPs from VIP area


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A group of MPs have accused the son of top government officer of misusing police officers.

This comes after the young man asked his bodyguards to evict the legislators from the VIP area of a posh city hotel.

The young man who was accompanied by skimpily dressed women and a dozen of security officers demanded that the VIP area which had been booked by the MPs be preserved for him and his team.

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An MP who spoke to Powerplay condemned the incident saying top government officials must reign on their sons and daughters and stop them from pushing their punny weight around.

Marauding bats force MP out of palatial rural home

Thousands of bats have invaded the rural home of a sitting MP, forcing him to move his family to Nairobi.

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The flying mammals have defecated in most of the rooms, making the house inhabitable. It gets worse at night, with giant bats shrieking and flying all over the compound.

Speculations are however rife in the village, with many linking the invasion to his politician opponents.

“These are not ordinary bats. We know they have been sent by his enemies,” claimed a source.


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