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Dining Room
Small light flat in modern Scandinavian style [Getty Images]

Small spaces, such as tiny houses and apartments, often require more thought when arranging furniture.

It might be tempting to consider not including a dining space just to save on space. 
This need not be the case however. Below are tricks to make your space look bigger and increase flow of traffic and increase storage with a small footprint.
Identify a nook
The first step is to look for a nook where you will create a dinning area for two, four or six people or a place to be setting up your breakfast.
For studios, this can be as simple as a kitchen counter with bar stools or a corner where you can place a small table to seat up your meals.
Well defined eating areas help family members to be deliberate about setting time aside to eat their meals rather than eating on the go.
Selecting table, seats
When selecting the dining table, opt for a small dining table with simple table legs which keep the segment of the house feeling open and airy.
Select seats with clean simple lines rather than heavy legs so that the bottom of the table has more open space.
Minimalist chairs will provide function without overwhelming the space.
Consider using a bench seat against the wall to maximise available floor space and provide more sitting space. 
While bench seats or banquette usually come with seat cushions, factoring in a back cushion is a good way to enhance comfort so that one is not in a hurry to leave the dining table.
Oval tables provide easy in and out movement while narrow rectangular tables can fit into narrow rooms. A custom-made banquette tailored to the shape of the table will provide easier traffic flow.
Consider placing the table adjacent to a window to provide an expanded view that removes cluster phobia from small rooms. 
Floor to ceiling curtains make a room feel taller and where there is no nearby window an oversized mirror will create an illusion of space for your newly created eating area.

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