Diamond’s father Abdul Juma back in studio as he lands another collabo


Abdul and Gumbo in studio (Photo: Courtesy)

Luck keeps following Abdul Juma, Diamond Platnumz’s father as he has landed himself yet another music deal.

Abdul, who first made headlines when he featured in the song Dudu La Yuyu alongside Sungura Madini and Blod Gaza got the opportunity to release a song with Tanzanian upcoming artist, Gumbo, with Mona Gangstar as their producer.

Speaking on the Over Ze Weekend show, an elated Gumbo expressed his gratitude to Diamond’s father for accepting to work with him.

“Yaani sijui hata nisemaje, baba Diamond amenichukulia kama mtoto wake na amenipa heshima zote za kunisikiliza na kuamua kuingia na mimi studio ni jambo jema sana,” Gumbo said.

Yaani sijui hata nisemaje (Photo: Courtesy)

This break for Abdul comes barely weeks after he admitted that a lot of artists were after him for a collabo after his first song.

His fans are excited over the song and have asked him to continue producing music including his son, Diamond Platnumz who posted his support for him on social media.

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Abdul unfortunately does not see himself as a singer and has requested his children, Diamond Platnumz and Queen Darleen for a collabo before he calls it quits and down his musical tools.

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For many, Diamond Platnumz supporting his father’s music came as a surprise as the two have not been on the same page with Diamond accusing him of abandoning their family.

Earlier this year, Abdul was all over the media as he was requesting his family for funds to help him seek quality medical care for skin cancer.





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