Diamond Platnumz unfollows daughter Tiffa and son Nillan on Instagram


Diamond with his two children (Photo: Courtesy)

Tanzanian bongo star, Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known by his stage name, Diamond Platnumz has unfollowed his children, Tiffah and Nillan on Instagram.

This comes weeks after Diamond, in his latest song Inama featuring Fally Ipupa spoke on not being able to see his children and the most he could do is like their pictures on Instagram.

Penzi limeleta kwa wanangu vita. Siku hizi siwaoni naishia kuwalike insta, sioukupenda kuachana naye, ni kupenda kupendana naye,” the verse says.

Diamond’s Instagram

In a candid interview on Wasafi TV, the singer explained his strained relationship with his baby mama Zari Hassan that affected his relationship with his children.

“When I break up with someone for me I don’t dwell too much on it because I believe nothing lasts forever. So I accept and move on but it was not the same for my co-parent who portrayed herself differently on social media and behind closed doors,” he said

“I did my duties as a father, I sent child support, not consistently I have to admit, but I tried my best. At some point I understood my co parent would use the kids to punish me since we were no longer together,” he continued.

According to Diamond, he did everything within his power to reach out to his children but their mother didn’t make it easy for him.

Diamond and Zari (Photo: Courtesy)

“I reached out and asked for a number that I can use to call my children but every so often the calls would go unanswered. I begged that I could talk to my children through one of her son’s number but she (Zari), was not happy with that. I was then told If I want to see my children I head down to South Africa. It’s okay I can come but I’m working, I cannot go to South Africa all the time plus I’ll have to use a lot of money for gifts and the likes.”

Rumors of Diamond being a deadbeat dad made rounds on social media for a while after his break up with Zari, claims he termed as baseless.

“On the other hands on social media you are posting that Diamond doesn’t want to see his children and all that when in reality I’m begging you to allow me to talk to them but you don’t pick my calls. When I call her son, she doesn’t want me to so I just let it be. It hurt me I’ll admit but I let it go,” Diamond explained.



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