Counties have no money, CoG’s Oparanya says

Governors have decried lack of funds from the national  government to run devolved functions.

In a press statement on Monday, the Council of Governors chairman Wycliffe Oparanya said county governments do not have money.

Oparanya  informed the public that counties are ready to serve them but they are unable due to lack of funds.

He said Treasury was yet to disburse 32 per cent of the counties’ equitable share of revenue totaling Sh100 billion out of the Sh314 billion approved by Parliament even as the financial year comes to an end.

Oparanya added that even if the money was sent now, it would be impossible for counties to spend it.

Health services, agriculture, county infrastructure development and administrative services  are some of the key services that are suffering due to the delay.

Oparanya said health services are in need of Sh5 billion ,  agriculture Sh5  billion, provision of clean water Sh10 billion while county infrastructure development and administrative services need Sh35 billion.

He said Sh45 billion is needed to run county affairs.