Congratulations! KTN´s Ben Kitili and wifey, Amina Mude welcome a bouncing baby boy (photos)

KTN journalist, Ben Kitili is a proud father of 2 after wifey, Amina Mude delivered on Monday, a day after Father´s day.

Roman Hami Kitili is the newest face in town, a baby boy named after his grandfather and great, great grandfather.

Ben Kitili takes to social media to share adorable photos of baby Roman in a bid to break the news to the Kenyan community and beyond.

The beloved media personality proudly expresses:

Another rock for my sling..Roman Hami Kitili..named Kitili after his grandfather and great, great grandfather, Kitili wa Muthengi, a legend who had 33 wives..

baby and mother @amina_mude are well..we thank God..


The duo whose relationship has been criticized for it´s mixed religion, exchanged nuptials at the attorney´s chamber.

Later holding an ´invites only´ low key ceremony at a Hotel in Nairobi on the 16th of November, 2018.

However, the proud father of 2 soon after strongly articulated:

In marriage, God is more important than religion.

To those who are not so welcoming, we forgive you… you have a constitutional right to your opinion…

however, should any of you cross the line against the law – as I said, I ‘ll protect my family with my all.

The couple have a daughter, Ruby as their first and a newborn baby boy as their second.

The love

The comment section is filled with love as many adore the newest bundle of joy.

Congratulations Ben and Amina. Soo cute.


What a blessing! Glad your wife is well, too.


Too cute.Kongole Amina na Ben,Hamna haja kuficha USO WA malaika kama huyu😘😘

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