Changanya is the New Jam in Town: Mystic ft Qty

Mystic and Qty hit the airwaves. Have you heard of this new jam Changanya? It is worth your time. Great voices in this. There is something with new age artists that will get you listening to their work. Changanya is a jam that talks about how the lady leaves the guy confused. Love is tough.


Changanya has been given great audio quality. Isn’t it not a good thing? Come to think of it, when most new artists are getting to release their first song out here, they are of low budget. Changanya is an exceptional.

The audio and the beats are in sync. You will easily hum to the tune of Changanya. I must say that Mystic and Qty did a great thing here.

Presentation of Changanya

I must say that there are feelings in this jam. It makes one flow with the words and allow the song to drive them to the current mood of the song. The role of turn-taking is great here. The duo knows how to perform their lines. So much ease in doing this. It is simply one of those jams that get into your mind.

Qty has a lot of energy when she is singing her lines. She talks of her promises to the guy. Anyway, is there true love? Because this song makes me want to try.

The lines are easy. The song has a theme of love. The duo really did a good job in composing the lyrics. You know that if the songs meaning is felt, then the jam is a hit.

Changanya is that song that is well delivered and well thought of. The kind of art displayed is more of a talent. Honestly I can’t wait to get the video.  I give the song a rating of 6/10. Let’s support this great talents and some good music here.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

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