Boondocks Gang are back a new jam dubbed ‘Chura’ and we’re really feeling it (Video)

Boondocks Gang, the group that treated music fans to Rieng in December 2018, is back with another jam!

For starters, let me state that I’m a huge fan of this group that is made up of Kid Furnace (Odi Wa Murang’a), Ex Ray, and Edu Maddox. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can now proceed with this review.

Their new jam dubbed Chura is their is sixth release since they debuted in the local entertainment industry in 2018. Their other songs are Ital, MadamNiromboseViral and Rieng which is their biggest song to date.

Before I forget, about a fortnight ago Boondocks Gang dropped Rieng Remix featuring Kristoff and Randkaddah. The song is almost has clocked 267,000 views in two weeks and that should tell you something.

Anyway, Chura is slang for a woman and a beautiful one at that. In the song, Boondocks Gang is do things to a woman that we won’t talk about today. Okay?

Anyway, like I always say, if you choose to ignore the explicit words and focus on the rhymes and flow, you’ll realize that this is actually a masterpiece. It really is!

Odi Wa Murang’a totally killed it on this one. I know you agree with me on this, don’t you? I listened to his part over and over.

Of course, the lyrics are to explicit to be analyzed here. As such, you should listen to the song and decide whether the wording is worth writing home about.

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Mashakura, is also pretty decent. It makes you want to jump out of your seat to dance.

The dance video was directed by Vikta Daniel. Watch Chura below and tell us what you think.

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