Benefits of eating bananas – Evewoman

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Ndizi or mandizi as we call them in Kiswahili, is the number one fruit consumed in Kenya. It is a popular breakfast fruit and a quick, accessible and easy snack for in-between meals.

It’s easy to underrate bananas because they are so common and accessible. As simple as they appear, they are rich in vitamins, natural sugars, fibre and numerous other nutrients. Bananas contain TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor), a potent substance that fights abnormal body cells (including cancer). Bananas with brown spots on the skin are at the peak of development and richest in TNF. Studies have shown that TNF prevents spread and growth of tumour cells by inducing cell death.

Eating one or two bananas a day also relieves constipation by helping in regular bowel movement. Smokers looking to quit can take advantage of bananas; their potassium and magnesium reduces the craving for nicotine. A combination of banana and skimmed milk can also help in weight loss and weight management. Banana milkshakes with honey are also a good hangover remedy.