Battle for  late Jonathan shares in vast Moi family business empire begins – Weekly Citizen


Gerald Kipkosgei Toroitich (left) and his twin brother Geoffrey Kipkurui Toroitich, 21, display a birth certificate and an identity card showing that the late Jonathan Toroitich as their father.

The death of retired President Daniel Moi’s eldest son, Jonathan Moi, has opened the battle over the ownership of shares in the larger Moi family multi billion empire.If not countered now,they fear being locked out.

Also targeted are prime land and properties the late bought himself.

Eyeing  the shares and not to be left out are children the late elder son had outside marriage.

Lawrence Kipchumba, who hails from Eldama Ravine and  stays at the late Lenah Moi’s home, now claims to be  a legitimate son of the former Safari rally ace.

Mr Lawrence Kipchumba in an interview. He claims to be Jonathan Moi’s son.

“I was born out of wedlock and mother Mary Cheruto has told me my dad is Jonathan. I have confirmed this because he participated fully in my initiation ceremony meaning that I was his son,” said Kipchumba.

Two more childrens associated themselves claiming that they are also legitimate sons of the late rally driver.

The two are Gerald Toroitich and Geoffrey Toroitich, haveJonathan’s names on birth certificates.

The three have been living at Lenah Moi’s home in Kabimoi and want the larger family to recognize them.

Jonathan married Beatrice Mulwa, a niece to Nyiva Mwendwa before divorcing after Charles Nyachae started having an illicit affair with her . He married Sylvia Toroitich, the current legally married wife.


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