Bad Black: The brazen socialite wreaking havoc in Kampala


We might say she is a bad influence, but she is an influence all the same; and a powerful one at that.

Things are happening so fast for us older women that we may soon have to leave Kampala and retreat to our parents’ villages.

The girls of today (I didn’t know I would be saying that before hitting menopause) are doing things so differently they are throwing us post-thirties out of the market – and the market includes our own marriages!

Nobody knows when it started but this lady called Bad Black must have had a lot to do with it. One day nobody knew her.

The next she is throwing money all over the city. We were still marvelling at her fortune and generosity when she was arrested and charged with embezzling four million pounds- Great Britain Pounds (GBP) my friend – from her mzungu boyfriend.

We don’t know how many billion shillings those were but in Uganda shillings, the sum was in the eleven digits.

She was jailed and served her rather short sentence and has been out for several years, enjoying and splashing whatever of her cash that was not taken by lawyers and hangers on.

Of course we got jealous. We found out that she never went to school and have been harping about that, as if it will make her any poorer and us any richer.

We ridiculed her poor English, but our good English won’t take us anywhere near her in financial net worth.

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We predicted her fall when the money runs out because she doesn’t seem to care how she spends it, but she seems to buy even bigger cars, take wilder vacations and we pretend not to check her out on Instagram, but we do.

Bad Black is about to make us hate our parents who took us to nice schools. And the she won’t keep quiet, taunting us over our lack of wealth. She has this annoying term in Luganda, calling us owners of ‘loss-making natural assets’. She says she cannot understand our daftness; owning assets which rich men badly want and yet we remain poor.

Instead of blocking her on social media, we keep watching the videos she posts insulting us and wondering why she is so rich and we are so poor. All that would have been okay, if Bad Black was not amassing a big following among young ladies.

Today, thousands of young ladies and striving to be like her, and some are succeeding. Many yearn for the chance to get access to Bad Black and be mentored by her. You hear them, in their late teens and early twenties, vowing not to waste their time and ‘natural assets’ when there are rich men who want them badly.

It does not matter that we choose to pretend to ignore her; Bad Black is sowing a seed of far-reaching implications, which will affect man-woman relations in this city for a long time to come.

We might say she is a bad influence, but she is an influence all the same; and a powerful one at that.


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