Anita Nderu reveals intimate details about the love of her life, Sunny

Anita Nderu and Sunny are such a cute couple and they don’t hide it from social media.

This is despite the fact that Anita had kept her relationship off social media for a long time, making many believe they had broken up. More so after Anita opened up about battling depression.

Anita Nderu/ Instagram

Well, the message she sent to him on his 29th birthday proves naysayers all wrong. The two are happy and in love. She wished Sunny all the best in his new year, full of health and wealth and more trips for the two.

Adding to that, Anita revealed details that we did know about him. This could also be the reasons why she loves him which include the fact that he is a peoples person.

  1. Sunny is a man who loves unconditionally.
  2. He is a kind person to those he knows and those he doesn’t know.
  3. He is one of the few Kenyan’s who stops when the traffic lights go red.
  4. Sunny can eat anything anytime but he will still maintain his shape and size.
  5. He is an animal lover
  6. He is that friends you can always count on.
  7. He can cook.
  8. He does not drink cold water
  9. He can easily grow his biceps in just a few days.
  10. He gets along with anyone as he is not choosy.
  11. He easily forgives when wronged

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Clearly, he brings a lot of happiness and positive vibes in Anita’s life. There is nothing as beautiful as love and we wish the two nothing but the best.

Wedding bells soon Anita?

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